Trouble came calling at their doorstep.


The most valiant of them and the most desperate of all efforts could not ward it off.

So they went to the Enlightened One who sat, enveloped and secure, in his halo of light and looked at them with so much compassion it made them weep.

The Enlightened One said nothing, but gazed and gazed.

Mesmerized they gazed back.

There was so much light from His halo that they were momentarily blinded.

But, something inside opened up.

The Inner Eye, they had heard someone say, in another lifetime.


The Enlightened One never moved, never uttered a word.

Their speculation, troubled at first, stung like wasps, hissed like serpents coiled in the innermost recesses of their minds. Thoughts flapped about like captive birds and words fluttered like butterflies testing their wings for the first time.

Silence from the Enlightened One.

One angry thought lashed at Him like the tail of an angry crocodile whose jaws had been clamped shut, and retreated in a hurry, on encountering His smile.

Silence returned to the cave like bats on the wing, etched dark against a darkening sky.

In the cave, the halo grew more luminous.

After an eternity, the mind reconciled.

The agitated tea leaves swirled on a downward spiral, and settled slowly to the bottom.

All that was left to behold was clear, gold liquid light that threw out surprised rays of light that dispelled the deep darkness of the mind.

It was all about time, they understood finally.


Unstoppable time that put a halt to the mightiest Juggernaut of trouble.

The Juggernaut of the troubled mind, eminently destructive and seemingly unstoppable.

Repose and tranquillity, and a certain degree of detachment. And time. Together, they formed an unstoppable Juggernaut. A Juggernaut of inaction. Conceived and perfected by the Enlightened One.

Unstoppable. Without even moving.

So, they did nothing. They sat for some more time, till the Enlightened One stirred and lay himself down on the stone bench in his cave. He closed his eyes.


The peace of understanding settled into their being. Unstoppable understanding of the world.

They hesitated.

They tiptoed out in a file, without even asking the questions that had tormented them a few hours ago.

For they were enlightened now. They knew and understood the truth.

Everything has a purpose and is destined for a natural course of action.

By your inaction,

which is the highest order of action,

you become unstoppable.

Let things be.

Just be.


In the cave the Enlightened One slumbered on, in a state of deep consciousness, blessed sleep that is achieved only by the One who knows the doors of Heaven are open to Him.


For, He is the Juggernaut.

The One and Only Truly Unstoppable One.

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