Convex Cares

Thirty years ago. Like a clown at a funeral. A smile painted on the face. I’m a study in contrast to the Lilliputian world around me . People around me are short and emaciated. I am tall and healthy. Not fat, but well built, an athlete. The lesser mortals look up to me. My teachers …

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I am a tourist. I get away from it all. The predictability. The monotony. I am a tourist. I travel light. Jeans and a couple of shirts. Good shoes. A book. A kindle device, even. Headphones? A must. Plugged into a device? Not necessarily. Anything to avoid a conversation. No words can improve silence. Nothing …

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in hot water

No, don’t talk to me anymore. I am done with you. What’s that? You are fuming. Your words are like little spurts of impotence. Oh, really? I have nothing to say to you anymore. As if you ever listened to me in the first place. At first you pretended. That must have been so hard. …

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