Convex Cares

Thirty years ago. Like a clown at a funeral. A smile painted on the face. I’m a study in contrast to the Lilliputian world around me . People around me are short and emaciated. I am tall and healthy. Not fat, but well built, an athlete. The lesser mortals look up to me. My teachers […]


I am a tourist. I get away from it all. The predictability. The monotony. I am a tourist. I travel light. Jeans and a couple of shirts. Good shoes. A book. A kindle device, even. Headphones? A must. Plugged into a device? Not necessarily. Anything to avoid a conversation. No words can improve silence. Nothing […]

in hot water

No, don’t talk to me anymore. I am done with you. What’s that? You are fuming. Your words are like little spurts of impotence. Oh, really? I have nothing to say to you anymore. As if you ever listened to me in the first place. At first you pretended. That must have been so hard. […]

The Threshold

The pile of old books and newspapers were to be disposed of that day. The next day was Diwali and a lot of junk had to be cleared. I looked up at the rack of old books and magazines. Why hadn’t they cleared it all these years? I knew the wedding that was due in […]

East is East and West is West

Have always been a fan of the movies. Horror movies? Love them. Love the excitement, edge of the seat entertainment and the lengths to which the human mind can take in the excitement of an onslaught from the unknown. The past week, I had the most amazing time, watching two horror movies- The Conjuring-2 and […]

an indian summer

heat and dust, cracked feet, prickly heat, sweat – fine sheen to rivulets keeping inner rooms dark, frequent baths endless mugs of water on the floor rising in vapours fans moving drowsily power cuts mosquitoes red hot chillies and mustard wedded in pickles and oil buttermilk, curd and lemonade dispensed generously luscious ripe mangoes evidence […]

My Father -who art in Heaven?

There are no stereotypes, but those of our making. No relationships, but those that thrive by our definition. Many things accepted as right, the way they should be. My world, not etched in convention, is made brighter despite it all. Roles had never been defined, are still not defined, and in all probability, shall never […]

The Matriarch

Hema’s feet swelled up a lot these days, like hot pooris. The doctors told her she needed to drink more water but she could not manage more than a few sips. A habit of a lifetime. Don’t drink too much water. You don’t have to visit public toilets. Not in the condition they had been, […]

In the Bud

Friday mornings were the best. Miss Elizabeth announced the topic for the weekly composition. The class groaned at the prospect of writing a creative piece for a very discerning teacher who took the task of creative writing very seriously. Every word used had to be accounted for. Every thought had to be relevant. Every metaphor […]