an indian summer

heat and dust, cracked feet, prickly heat,
sweat – fine sheen to rivulets
keeping inner rooms dark,
frequent baths
endless mugs of water
on the floor
rising in vapours
fans moving drowsily
power cuts
red hot chillies and mustard
wedded in pickles and oil
buttermilk, curd and lemonade
dispensed generously
luscious ripe mangoes
evidence dribbling down the chin
pastels white chemises and sultry heat
wearing silks to weddings
hastily changing into cool cottons
drinking iced water by the gallon
days spent under the forbidden sun
cool evenings
laced with heat
rising from the wet earth
ushering the traditional new year
with the tart taste of green mango
summer’s here
shed your inhibitions
reinvent yourself.


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