Not all lives are patterned the same. Not every breath grudged. Not every effort rejected. Not every attempt thwarted. Stupid girl chanted this mantra every day of her life. Her special little prayer. Her little affirmation of faith. In anticipation of the deluge of change, she knew awaited her. Stupid girl stood by the door, …

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My waters beguile you. I stretch as far as the eye can see, not a drop fit for life. I’m the ocean. You don’t know my depth. I hold sway by my shores, my waves rendering rocks to fine sand, washed onto another shore. I hold in my ample bosom, many a wrecked ship I …

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Fish and Chips

Every Sunday he would disappear with his fishing gear, coaxing his motorbike to rattle its bumpy way to one of the elusive spots that have perfected the art of camouflage. A few had posted themselves already: silent sentinels at their chosen spots, dotting the riverside.The water dared to barely ripple under their watchful eyes. The …

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