Frozen sunlight

Nagpur. The oranges. Little bursts of sunlight frozen in pulp, waiting for sweet release. The train chugging into the station. Being greeted by vendors selling the finest ‘Santra’ as oranges are called. The freshness of the leathery skin loosely holding the segments together. Collecting the seeds and planning to plant them in the garden at […]

Peel or Fade?

Time spares nobody. I may peel off but you shall fade away. Fade away. Fade away. It’s all a matter of time. Is this all you have with you? Are you sure you cannot impart anything anymore? Hurry Sir, you have no time left. I have taught you everything. This is all I know. Hurry […]

A Fish out of Water

she watched she waited a school swam by a shoal waltzed away they didn’t invite her she didn’t belong she sat quiet immobile tugging at the membrane that covered her her eye loomed large as the serrated teeth worked away blowing a bubble she puffed up the ripple in the water pushing her ever so […]


‘Nobody makes tea like you, Damayanti.’ The man sitting on the log of wood, in the garden, mumbled these words. He had refused to come into the house and she had not insisted. One look at him had been enough. She recoiled as if she had seen a millipede curled up under a rock that […]


Trouble came calling at their doorstep. Unstoppable. The most valiant of them and the most desperate of all efforts could not ward it off. So they went to the Enlightened One who sat, enveloped and secure, in his halo of light and looked at them with so much compassion it made them weep. The Enlightened […]

Sepia-toned dreams

She dangled lifelessly, in the light of day, her skirts hanging loose about her feet. Her feet were adorned with silver anklets that had tiny, silver mangoes, in an intricate design, and made a faint sound while she swayed gently from the sturdiest branch of the tree. Giving up on dignity that eluded her in […]

Lustrous resonance

Little cobwebs spin into a bell tower, a lustrous pearl makes up the clapper, I marvel at the intricate work of art, now adorning my ear. I am transformed, powerful in my revolution, for I refuse to let it all happen to me. Not anymore. The ringing in my ears does not stop. Sound. Echoes […]

Shadow puppet play

It was a Friday evening. The lamps were lit in the little altar in the nook of the passage between the kitchen and the bedroom. The divine scent of sandalwood, the incense sticks, permeated the very air of the tiny little ‘quarter’ that Radha and her family called their home. All the houses in the […]


Sarma garu, as he was respectfully called by  everybody in the little hamlet by the sea was a man who took everything in his stride. Nothing mattered too much to him, he was what the present generation would call ‘cool’. If the rickshaw arrived late, he would simply shrug his shoulders and ask Ramulu if […]

Tarpa aka Tiger

Eleven years ago, when we moved into our new apartment, we were welcomed by a friendly pup that wagged its tail incessantly. He sat, surveying from a safe distance, the flurry of activity that signified a unique chapter in our lives. Our new home. Our first home. Probably, even thankfully, our only home. The brown […]