Myself, caretaker.

Who you? Wait there woenly. You who? You wanting admission for your childrens? Nice boys. Twins woenly, no? What your names? Tom and Jerry? No? Ajay and Vijay? Verry nice! Commeere, don’t hide Mummy’s backside. I have chocolate for you. Here, take. No? Very shy no, Medam? Office? Sorry, office is close till next week …

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Pettifoggers Anonymous

Let's face it. We are a critical lot. I happened to appreciate an acquaintance in the presence of a few well-wishers. After a few minutes, in the lull of the conversation a well-meaning do-gooder sidled up to me and tried to set the record straight. Actually, he… The conversation grew intensely uncomfortable. I cast a …

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Potent Potions

Believe me, you don’t really want to know me before I’ve downed these three cups in the morning. It takes three different concoctions to make me this fabulously effervescent, fascinating and gorgeous creature from the grumpy, sullen and dour monster that I really am. I fumble around the kitchen, in the ungodly hour before dawn, …

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