As I think, I speak. Really? As I speak, I do. Not really. The thought does not always become the deed. Deed, indeed. For the mind clouds over. Inaction. The dark cloud on my horizon? Never. Inaction is now a habit and defines my character. Under this cloud, I thrive. My head in the clouds, …

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Elegant Exit

Empty velvet lined boxes Stand proudly on shelves Their rightful occupants Being awaited for In vain   A lesser life this Than believed Far from prying eyes Too hard to bear Exquisite pain   Behind lush foliage A mansion stood Anticipating A fresh coat of paint In vain   The vintage car Last to go …

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Karmic Gears

  my life a certain cycle karma a sequence i haven’t set into motion already spinning it pinned me down gathering speed and strength with every thought word and action maybe even silence and inaction   i have one life this i know keep the machinery oiled iron out the creases and folds while i …

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