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Common Ground


A cramped space this. I need to stretch, feel the earth under my feet. A little less talk and a little more quiet.

Thriving in closed spaces, you’ve mastered the art of contorting yourself, being stashed away.

The air is mine own. My mind lifts off- a sailboat in flight, the air my water, the water grounding me and the earth a vast expanse of ocean I float on.

You and I see the same road.

You are intent; and I never really look.

When did I begin to speak a different language?

Your eyes unseeing, uncomprehending, a thousand miles away.

Your every word, every drawn breath, every expelled curse- so easy to understand, mired in the world.

I surged ahead, wanting nothing.

And yet, here we are.

You lead, your eyes on the road.

I follow. My eyes also on the road.

The darkness is complete till dawn breaks.

The sky bursts. Clouds scud across the palette. Tints shifting settling into a golden hue.

Let us stop here and confront each other in enforced silence.

After breakfast at this lovely place, things will seem a little less intense, our bellies warm with pancakes, omelettes, buttered toast and hot coffee.

[200 words]

Priceless Joy Thank you for hosting this challenge. I’ve missed your challenges, missed writing and it feels great to be back and alive once again. Footy and Foodie, thank you for the photograph.



Silent Spaces


Your narrow window to the world

tightly frames your limited thought.

Boxed in, your spirit

is beaten into submission.

Cracks, fissures and fractures

immobilize you.

Rejecting your body,

your soul floats away

seeking vast expanses.

Your breathing, shallow.

No movement,

for any imperceptible tremor

significantly magnifies the pain.

Limp, spent,

reduced to a quivering mess

of bleeding pulp.

You try to get used to it.


This life.


Try this. Get up. Walk.

Take the roads

that lead you away.


till you reach the open spaces.

One step at a time.

Trek your way till you find a spot,

your private domain.

The wind now whispers in your ears

and the sun blazes on high.

The rock is warm to touch.

Steady, solid rock.

Lean back

and feel the warmth seep into you.

Breathe in.

The air so pure

it hits your lungs.

Your heart explodes.

So much beauty.

Such peace.

Walk away from those confines.

Break those shackles.


For, after this,

you can never break yourself into bits

to fit that box


[175 words]


Thank you, Grant, for the beautiful photograph.

A million thanks to you PJ  for hosting this challenge Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

Happy New Year! 😀

Fish and Chips


Every Sunday he would disappear with his fishing gear, coaxing his motorbike to rattle its bumpy way to one of the elusive spots that have perfected the art of camouflage.

A few had posted themselves already: silent sentinels at their chosen spots, dotting the riverside.The water dared to barely ripple under their watchful eyes.

The line dangled in the water and he settled down to a morning of calm, that stretched ahead of him. Oh, the bliss of not having a conversation. The hours of silence. The birds. The silent unspoken code of companionable silence between brothers who meant business.

Fishing was serious business indeed.

He unstatued himself after a few hours. Late in the  afternoon he sauntered into the shack by the pier and ordered fish and chips with draught beer.

He would return late in the evening sporting sunburn, like a warrior, ready to face the week ahead.

He never caught a fish, however. Ever.

Never complained about it though.

You see, he never had a hook at the end of his line.

[175 words]

Thank you Barb C T, of the blog Gallimaufry, for the beautiful photograph! A million thanks for hosting this challenge PJ! Wish I could do this every single day!

Hope afloat



Who even missed the moon on a night like this? The warm orange night sky of the city was dotted with a million lanterns all floating up, bright specks of gold, silver and crimson, reaching the distant heavens.

On reaching the stars, they would, hopefully, make each wish come true.

I wished upon the biggest, brightest lantern I saw at the shrine and walked away, for I had no time to watch its ascent. As I wished, the lantern glowed a deep red and pulsed with an almost palpable energy.

The next morning I went back to offer joss sticks for all the blessings I had received.

In the light of day, my lantern was still moored there, anchored safely to its spot.

It hadn’t ascended. It hadn’t been necessary for the heavens to intervene.

For my luminous hope had a light of its own and the universe could see and hear me and claim me as its own.

Even while I stand, rooted firmly in the earth.

Thank you TJ Paris for the photograph!

The Vacant Spot


Sunday morning.

Time for breakfast at the little home café run by the oldest couple on the street.

People drove miles for a meal here.

For it was like being at home again. Without the need for conversation.

Phyllis took the orders and helped Sam out in the kitchen.

Plates laden with eggs, bacon, pancakes, waffles, toast, mashed potatoes and assorted veggies sailed out with amazing speed.

I drove as quickly as I could, hoping I could find a vacant spot easily.

I didn’t mind the walk before breakfast, but afterwards, was another deal altogether.

I stepped on the accelerator thinking of devilled eggs and hot buttered toast.

Let there be a vacant lot, dear Lord.

I spotted a vacant lot just in front of the café and eased the car in.

I could already feel the warmth from the café seep into my skin. I had my Sunday crossword ready.

All I needed now was breakfast with a pot of tea.

Praise the Lord!

*Thank you Phylor for the photograph. 😀