Myself, caretaker.

Who you? Wait there woenly. You who? You wanting admission for your childrens? Nice boys. Twins woenly, no? What your names? Tom and Jerry? No? Ajay and Vijay? Verry nice! Commeere, don’t hide Mummy’s backside. I have chocolate for you. Here, take. No? Very shy no, Medam? Office? Sorry, office is close till next week …

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Stone Sangria

You. Consider this. Sangria and Stone. Blood and Marble. Dramatic contrast. The creation of a free spirit? Not really. Speculation is rife. In love? Hmmmm. Committed? Who?  Not really. Wedded? This one? Really? Remained unwed? Really! Rendered unsuitable. Now. Officially. Smiles a lot? What’s cooking? Enthusiastic?  Must be on steroids. Thoughtful? Maybe suicidal. Rubs palms …

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Amma’s Congee

An iron fence separated the park from the lakeside where a few villagers set up their makeshift tents. Living by the lake assured them a new life, the luxuries of, cooking, cleaning and maybe even bathing, when the guard looked the other way. Amma, eighty years old, ever-present, self-appointed mother of the lot worked around …

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