As I think, I speak.


As I speak, I do.

Not really.

The thought does not always become the deed.

Deed, indeed.

For the mind clouds over.


The dark cloud on my horizon?


Inaction is now a habit and defines my character.

Under this cloud, I thrive.

My head in the clouds, my feet on the ground,

I have it all.

Not for me, your world, love and concern.

Don’t cast your shadow on me.

I unthink.

Why do you presume to disturb the air around me?

I unbecome.

You are just a passing cloud.



[99 Words]

Thank you, Rochelle, for hosting the Friday Fictioneers’ Challenge.  Shalom!

PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields



33 thoughts on “Offcloud

  1. The mind crossovers, the helplessness in cruising through the shadows of such clouds ultimately culminating in inactions or deeds never intended to be ab initio ! A victim of dichotomy ! May the conscious unclouding pave the way to higher equanimity ! A contemporary lovely write Sailaja , Great times!

  2. I just love this brilliant poem & picture! Really gets you thinking? I could read 100x’s, and yet, “you are just a passing cloud…” great prompt for letting those endless thoughts go.☁️☁️☁️☁️😀

  3. mirageofagirl

    Amazing !!!!!!!! your words are so maningful and soothing at the same time … finally i can read all your posts 🙂

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