Lead, Kindly Light.


The winter evening drew on, enveloping all, in a shroud of mist and darkness. The clay stove where wood fires burned with the occasional crackle and pop, was where they all huddled together, the dying embers burning orange, reflecting on their faces as they tried to get closer to the heat, tempted to touch the ash laden coal, still molten hot at the core.

Tearing at unleavened bread, dipping it into bowls of hot piping stew, the warmth of the food seeped into their bellies and there rose a silence more blessed than joyous laughter.

The orphan waited patiently for his share. Every other benevolent family in the village took turns through the week to feed him.

Wolfing down his bread, he wiped his bowl clean, sponging up every drop of stew. Muttering thanks, he walked away into the cold winter night.

While the village slumbered on under layers of quilts that barely warded off the cold, he sat hunched over his books.

The lone street lamp, his only companion, blazed on, in the darkness of the night.

[178 words]

Thank you, Maria, for the beautiful photograph!

Bless you Priceless Joy at Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers for hosting such a wonderful challenge!




33 thoughts on “Lead, Kindly Light.

  1. After reading other interpretations of the photo as being spooky or chilling, it was downright heartwarming to think of the lamp as being this poor boy’s companion, helping him through the night.

  2. Wow, wow, wow….I love the way your mind works and the way you paint such evocative and heart-warming glimpses of the human condition paired with the best that human beings have to offer….you have an amazing gift, and those fortunate to read your offers are blessed indeed…thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Truly, love the way you show heartfelt appreciation for my work. Your generous spirit never ceases to inspire me. I am given wings and I soar. You make me feel such joy. Truly blessed to have a friend in you. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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