My waters beguile you. I stretch as far as the eye can see, not a drop fit for life. I’m the ocean. You don’t know my depth. I hold sway by my shores, my waves rendering rocks to fine sand, washed onto another shore. I hold in my ample bosom, many a wrecked ship I helped reach the abyss; their treasure now declared void and soon forgotten.

I take all the venom you cast into my waters, churning below the surface.

The poisons around me choke the unsuspecting. Vast skies as far as the eye can behold. Not a single gasp purer than what is expelled. I’m the vast expanse around you. I don’t know any boundaries. I just sweep by the horizon, my gusts gathering clouds, scattering their virulence over the thirsty earth. I hold in my outspread arms the souls I gather, their lives now oblivion.

I spew all the toxins I can in the air above me, spiraling into the firmament.

Don’t pay any heed.

Go about your business, while I wait.

[175 words]


PJ, thank you for hosting this challenge. Such a wonderful platform to share our work!

Thank you Footy and Foodie for the beautiful photograph.


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