Mountain Belles

Hey there Dolkar! Long time no see!

Hello Pasang! You look great! I love what you’ve done to your hair. Left it loose, hanging down your shoulders.

Yes, Dolkar, I don’t have your patience. You take such good care of your silver tresses, combing them every morning and evening and tying them back into this adorable little knot at the back of your head.

Wow Pasang, all your teeth have gone! How beautiful! I can see your gums!

Don’t worry Dolkar, you’ll lose that lone tooth soon. And then your look will be complete!

Pasang! Thank you! This tooth is rather annoying. It is a sore spot, comes in the way of my gums when I’m chewing. Carmah says I should get new teeth. How uncomfortable! You were saying something about my hair. Yes! You know how tiresome my now thinning tresses were four decades ago. I’m so glad I lost most of my hair and I can now wash my hair at will. It dries up so quickly. No sinusitis, coughs or colds.

You look fabulous. You have at least twenty more wrinkles than you sported the last time we met.

Oh, absolutely. You see, I laugh so much these days. They are crazy, these children. They are so stupid to worry so much. Yesterday, the goat went missing. You should have heard Carmah fuss. I told her the little one would return and it sure did, in the evening. Carmah lost it though! Want more wrinkles? You could do with a few, you know. Sitting out in the sun longer, helps. Next year, I aim for more lines, around the eyes.

Ha! Ha! Any more lines around the eyes and I won’t be able to recognize you, my dear.

Don’t worry. You’ll recognize me by my beautiful jewellery. I look so good, don’t I?

Yes, you do, Love! Look at my necklace. Got a new one just last week.

You were always a great one for jewellery, Pasang. Your fingers look so beautiful with these folds and lines. Do your rings still fit?

Yes, they do. I’m rather vain about my chapped hands. Every crack is testimony to the chores I still do at home.

Yes, you always do a lot. Now, how about some Butter tea at the shop up the mountain?

OK. let’s go. But first let me take a look at the mirror.

You always look good, dear, you don’t need the mirror!

I know my darling, but I do love a little primp.

You never change!

You too!



Image sourced from the internet.


35 thoughts on “Mountain Belles

      1. The Poetry Channel

        Not fair, I have commented before. I’m wounded. In fact I told you how reading your posts adds value to my writing and understanding of different perspectives.
        I often don’t know what to say that doesn’t sound like an empty platitude. I’ll try to do better, Sailaja. 😁

        1. Michael! My bad! Surely I’ve been very silly to say that! I value your opinion and cherish every word you say. So I’ve been rather ‘needy’ and I am sorry I hurt you.
          Your opinion means the world to me.

          1. The Poetry Channel

            No, no. I was kidding about being hurt. No offense taken at all.
            I’m like you, a bit needy. And in fact it is my insecurity that makes me reluctant to comment sometimes. I struggle believing anyone is interested in my writing much less my comments on theirs.

            We’re cool. I was playing along, I thought. A thousand pardons

  1. Life can be as easy as simpler or as livable as possible throwing away all those things behind .. A flow that can surge ahead despite the inherent pains n challenges , wonderfully refreshing ,easing the way out to live to the fullest ! A cocktail of love n laugh ! Nice one Sailaja .

  2. mirageofagirl

    This is beyond any words that i can say …. today arpita and i were talking abt how when we grow up we would like to be like them …. Truly amazing !!!!!

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