So we sit across the table. This board between us. Time and some random moves separating us.

I check all the pieces. Left with a few. Your foolish haste never ceases to amaze.

I check the pieces. I win again. Yes! I’m invincible!

I shall re-arrange the board again. See how things turn out this time.

It is ready for me again. I make the first move, as usual.

No, not that. Hold on to a few pieces. Don’t sacrifice all your pawns. Allow the…

It’s my board. My life. My moves.

Hold on. Think before you make a move. I’m you, eventually. There’s consequences. I know.

You? Me? No way! I’m young. It’s my life.

How many times shall I try to piece it all together? How…?

Leave me alone! I’m free to make my moves.

I shudder. What’s your next move?


No. It doesn’t end like this. Let’s begin again.

[153 words]

Thank you, Iain Kelly, for this week’s photograph. I hope this piece is worthy of your wonderful photograph.

PJ , thanks for hosting this incredible challenge! ❤


20 thoughts on “Checkmate

    1. Thank you PJ! I love your feedback…makes me feel wonderful! 😙😙😙Thank you for hosting such awesome challenges. I love the fact that you forge ahead every time despite the occasional glitch!

      1. Thank you for such a sweet comment! WordPress always has the occasional glitch and we just have to learn to work around them the best we can. Doesn’t mean we don’t pull our hair out. Haha! I’m so pleased you joined this challenge. 🙂

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