Still Waters


Joy Pixley provided this beautiful picture for the challenge. Thank you Joy!

Invisible whirlpools are reined in by resilient currents.

Tranquil, these waters flow, assured of their serene strength, despite the drift that sometimes encounters eddies.

On the surface, calm and still, I stand on the bridge and look at my reflection in the rippling waters; my mind, a roar.

The colours pour with a splash and quickly melt into the waters, carrying away bits of myself.

Here now, then gone forever.

I have tried to make sense of it all. To understand the connections. The mind failing to harness all the conflicting energies.

I am drawn to this bridge, where I survey the expanse around me.

So much, and yet…

The horizon shifts. I knife through and surface a little ahead.

I meet my dissolving reflection.

Now, on the bank, I squint at the bridge, formidable and rather imposing.

Can I give it a try?

Next time, not look into the waters.

Meet myself wherever I go?


Let this bridge lead me away.

Let welcome change overwhelm me as I embrace it.


This piece is in response to the FFfAW challenge hosted by Priceless Joy.


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