The Fence

I lounge on the bench in the park. The trees shelter me from the sun. A gentle breeze ruffles my hair. I breathe deep.

I sit on the couch. The sunlight streams in through the window. The walls close in on me. I clutch at the cold pearls around my neck. I yearn to see them scatter over the marbled floor. A yank is all it takes.

I gaze at the perfect little house beyond the fence. The SUV. Picture perfect. I wonder at their perfect home. Their perfect lives.

A bee buzzes at the window, flinging itself at the glass. I am a moth fluttering at blazing light, within reach. Futile movements.

What must it be like, to have it all? A home. A family. To belong.

How does it feel, to walk away? Open spaces. Freedom. To be yourself.

What a life! I shut my eyes and continue to dream.

What is this life? I open my eyes to my reality.


This evocative snapshot has been provided byΒ Yinglan Z. Thank you, Yinglan!


31 thoughts on “The Fence

  1. You leave the reader questioning if she/he is wanting to walk away from his/her family life or has walked away from his/her family life. Wonderful story and great writing!! Welcome to the FFfAW challege! We are happy you have joined us!

  2. The Poetry Channel

    Imagine how it must feel to have all those “things” and still want. I think a lot of anger comes from that. All those who focus solely on their economics to improve their lives and don’t realize why they feel unfulfilled. Nice piece.

      1. The Poetry Channel

        And I you, Sailaja. There are many abstractions that make life enjoyable. I think basics like potable water, safety from violence, freedom of … are priceless.

  3. What a great story! I like how open ended it is. The reader doesn’t know for sure if the main character is leaving their life behind for the life they dream of. You’ve also managed to capture the main character’s emotions very well.

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