Black Magic Woman


Suddenly the clouds clear and you see all that is there.


Black magic woman.



the young and the unsuspecting.

Mothers lock your sons away,

for she is on the move.



All of nineteen. Then twenty. Soon twenty-one.

Suddenly, a very old twenty-one.


No illusions left.

Not anymore.


She stopped laughing.

She was twenty-one

when she ceased to smile.


Physical charms and black magic powers.

And the body.

Oh, the body.

She laughed.Β  The very idea!

No, she actually did not.


She cried.

For all that she thought was possible.

And all that it turned out to be.


They told her what they thought.

She heard their words.

Their logic, irrefutable.

Her mind, unsettled.

They were kind enough to enlighten the world.

She shone brighter in all the illumination of their wisdom.



On a cold November morning

the ceremony.

On a cold November night

the consummation.


And then the confirmation.




The rupture.




End of aspersions.

The red badge of honour.




Even now

In the darkness of the day

In the garish lights of the night



the female of the species,

goes through this rite of passage

willingly or unwillingly.


Her core invaded

Her story out in the open

for the world to see and approve.

Or maybe not.


And they all file in smirking.

Shuffle out, maybe just a little disappointed.

Through all her chagrin

To their incredulous dismay

She has managed to pass their Test.



She holds on to the shreds of dignity.

While she still can.


But hey, lock away your sons.

And keep away your daughters.

Her influence knows no bounds.

The incorruptible a challenge to her.


Black magic woman

She has secrets and a spell or two.


And suddenly the clouds clear

and you see all that is there.


Illusions are just that-



Ignorance is always dispelled.


But, hey, when she was nineteen,

ignorance certainly was bliss.




21 thoughts on “Black Magic Woman

    1. We are in this together, Gilda,…let’s swim away into waters unknown and discover all the elusive treasures and translate it into a language the world understands! πŸ˜€

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