The Eye


The storm gathers on the horizon, insidiously, gradually.
One moment of blinding sunshine later, you close your eyes to the billowing gusts.
You almost had it all and then- nothing.

The process?
It eludes you, because you are it.
And a state of loss prevails.

Search as you will, it is futile, taken away from you
by force or persuasion.
Having lesser and lesser till you have nothing.

Consider yourself defeated
or in suspended animation
waiting to win
or  indefinitely failing
trying to keep what you hold close, to your heart.

Crying out loud, your words emerge in a vacuum, failing to be heard.

Understood? Never.

Untold misery takes all your attention and you,
paralyzed, to the core,
do not know how to say a word,
being at a loss for words now defines the state of your being
cannot be brought back, ever.

Unable to deal with circumstances, you know nothing anymore-

what to do say cannot understand be surprised confused not notice anything stop expecting to find alive  regret not using time  be lost for words  be lost in thought be lost on  get lost be lost to the world give up for lost  make up for lost time  all is not lost lose yourself in lose out  lost cause  lost and found

The storm continues to rage within and without.

For you are the storm.

And suddenly the clouds are torn apart by the rays of the sun, the haze clears and you can finally see all that is there.

For you are in the eye of the storm.

You are the eye.



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