Swimming furiously upstream,
sometimes it takes all I have in me
to be rooted in the same place.

A zen-like calm on my face belies this.

I am the one beast of burden with the mightiest load.
Never knew what it was to skim my way through.
Always one step at a time and always uphill.
Harnessing my energy for maximum efficiency,
I trudge, only too painfully aware of my own mortality.

Long years of practice later, my vulnerability is masked.
I keep myself going with the unshakable faith,
that God above is watching out for me.

The world He created around me sustains me,
with all the hope and strength I can muster, I trek.

My Life, so far, is all His Blessing.
My Lord does not give me more than I can bear.
If he does,in all his omniscience,
I am the chosen one.

For who can journey without the Grace of God?
“Tenavina TrunamapiΒ Na Chalati.”
Without Him, not even a single blade of grass can move.



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