Mission impossible?

When toys are cast away, along with clothes splitting at the seams, and shoes develop an appetite, constricting your feet, and altering your gait

When hair is gathered from two pigtails to one plait, very often sacrificed at the universal altar of convenience and allowed to hang loose, dank and limp, refusing to play with the wind

When freedom turns restrictive in appearance, not in thought but in its expression

When words have to be carefully weighed and action completely guarded, the day usually ending in inaction

When friends turn enemies and you realize enemies finally make sense,you understand but what can you do about it

When you have an opinion different from the others, but fail while stop yourself from being choked from the inside, and shut up finally, being afraid of the sound of your own voice

When you realize your parents are regular people who make mistakes and feel immensely grateful you weren’t one
So grateful, thank you, Lord

When you assert yourself, daring to stand by your choice even when the world chooses to punish you for refusing to conform
So hard, I know

When you smile a little less and often forget to laugh, and you catch yourself frowning at the dread in your heart tiptoeing around the thoughts that you know shall shock those whom you want to impress

When your day goes by without acknowledging the changing shadows, or noticing the rhythm of time and season, a blur and a miracle in lifelessness

When you spend hours in front of the mirror taming your hair, your mind still a knotted mess, thoughts too tangled to unravel

When color is blended carefully onto your face, but monotone is your chosen expression and studied lack of emotion,
the sunny pastels of childhood long forgotten or shunned

It’s time then
Stop, breathe, find your rhythm,
follow a natural pattern,
stay afloat,
and go with the flow

Just take a moment,
be kind to yourself,
and hold your inner child by the hand
and take it with you,
wherever you go.

Finding your inner child shouldn’t be that difficult.


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