On the surface, illumination is my deflection.
What lies beneath the rays ricocheting?
The power emanating in absolute control is from the pristine self.
The immaculate self, you will never know.

Swathing myself in layers spun in the finest yarn
I survey the horizon looming ahead
I smile in all confidence, slowly, unhurried;
For I own the world I walk in.

Had I ever thought otherwise?
Had it ever been anything but?
Would I even let you know?
You know my answer.

I say nothing. Reveal nothing.

My smile dazzles in all its brilliance.
Can you even spot my adversaries burrowing for cover?
Are they out there? Do I even have any?

For who can stare at the sun and not be blinded?
Who can be in the sun and not be shadowed?
Vanquished even without a battle, for I shall never condescend to one.

Bubbles of joy emerge in my wake- the champagne is uncorked,
For wherever I step, the slumbering awaken.
In unconcealed attempts of futility, untold efforts try to contain it.

My source a dark core protected by layers of ancient understanding and deep insight.
My foundation, a hazard of reactants spewing potent energy.
My substance, unyielding and volatile, never to be silenced.

My supremacy stemming from the unconditional strength of my essential being.
The perfect self, you will never know.
Save yourself the effort,
While you still can.



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