Happy Birthday, Rangi Taranga!

A Prosaic Ode to Rangi Taranga. Soak in the magic of the colourful wave that is now Kannada cinema. Rangi Taranga heralded the advent of a vibrant wave in Kannada cinema. A year later, it is still ‘running’ to packed audiences in some theaters in Bengaluru. Word among the local population goes, ‘Rangi Taranga nodidira? Sakkath […]

You Mean Well

Hello there! I’m Sailaja. Oh, you are asking me to move, you cannot read the menu of the day. Am I taking up too much space? I’m sorry. So inconvenient for you. What’s that you say? Move some more? O.K. Some more? Oops, I seem to have blotted out the landscape for you. Let’s chat […]

Jalebis at Midnight

Stale jalebis always tasted better. Agreed that fresh jalebis had an extra crisp crunch but the true taste was enhanced the next morning when the jalebi’s stiffness yielded to a chewy goodness and a sour tinge crept in offsetting the cloying sweetness perfectly. Sarala loved jalebis, especially the ones made by Ramlal at the corner […]


tugging at knotted strands futile attempts tangled shadows loom upstream hiding behind mirrors unused concocted themes in disarray hollow unseeing depths flinching strands that unravel like some forgotten spool unwinding some old forgotten nameless tune humming in the deepest recesses of thought marveling at its life as it eagerly seeks  the drain holes to escape […]

The Feast

The chanting went on for a long time. It was so easy to look all interested in the proceedings and secretly muse over what would be served for lunch. For everybody was more interested in the welcome sounds of cooks at work, and aromas wafting from the huge community kitchen, adjoining the hall, than in […]

The Wardrobe

My dear Daughter, Eliot once wrote about measuring out life with coffee spoons. No average beverage for me. I have something better. I am a hoarder. I collect saris. They are not just clothes but motifs of my life. Six yards of splendor draping every memorable moment freezing it for all eternity. A dust-pink and […]