The Twilight Years

Smiling, nodding cheerfully,
Waving at all who
Look my way

They wince,
Avert their eyes,
And continue hastily away.

I pay them no heed
A habit of a lifetime.
Being sidelined-
so very familiar.

Still young enough to go on with my day
Without help.
Pottering about my little space
I keep busy.

Strident tones-
I look up
Catch myself in the window
My reflection glowers back.

I look,
Look long and hard
Finally seeing
what the world sees.

Greying hair,
lines etched freely,
gnarled hands, knobby fingers
tired, so tired.

I look away
And try
to catch my reflection
by surprise

It is the face of my mother
my grandmother staring back
at me.

I don’t feel a year over twenty.


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