diurnal erosions

standing taut

radiance emanating from within

the day seems mine.

Thank you for sharing this beautiful picture, Jasvinder! This poem is for you.



insidious gnawing at the roots

digging deeper, anchoring,

finding cool moist earth

as welcome as the womb

holding on, settling in.


staring up at the relentless sun

bringing forth yet another day

i take up the challenge

of daring to live, being different,

come what may.


fighting inherent instinct to hide

trying hard to burrow deep,

my defiant core opens up

probed by inquisitive rays.


the price i pay

for a life in the sun

onslaught from the ordinary

warped and twisted to what is not.


the day bears witness to steady violation

welcome darkness comes

healing welts and


offering solace

silently cover my quivering offering

now sensitive and flinching


with every prying eye scathing look abrasive tongue probing tentacle.


bracing myself against yet another day

temporary darkness shields me.


i heal a little less every day,

remain a little less alive

waking to the erosions of another day.

yet another day.


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