The Aberration


Ever caught yourself

staring at them?

Feeling invisible?

Snatches of conversation.

Barely there.

Your own tongue


The unfamiliar


Want a breakthrough?

Closed circles.

No aberration.


Unfamiliar food

an assault.

Unaccustomed odours


The tongue craving

sharp shocks.


at culinary art,

frozen, inaccessible,

in much thumbed magazines.

In virtual reality

An aberration.


Straight roads

cut each other

knife edged


Predictable tiers

of vanilla, strawberry

and cream cake

line the road.

An occasional chocolate velvet,

an aberration.


Missing ruts etched

Like lines

on a much worked palm?

Yearning for pebbles

sharing your shoe?

Longing for dust?

While living?


An aberration.


Missing the familiar

you once

foolishly scoffed at?

All you stand

to endure now-

pitying looks,

embarrassed smiles,

glazed expressions.

You are an aberration.


Distasteful huh?

Your alien badge

declaring to all

your identity

defining you

thrown at you.

You say


and then halt-

Who’s listening?

You’re an aberration.


Passed over every time.

Always the outsider.

You do not belong.

You never have.

You never shall.


Still didn’t get it?

You are-

the aberration.




2 thoughts on “The Aberration

  1. krishna priya

    like, i am overwhelemed, by the depth. poetry is not my first preference, but i got the sense…. very post modern, i think.

    1. Thank you Krishna! I had this feeling of alienation and displacement, even though I have no specific roots. Had to think of a metaphor that intensified this feeling. Just fooling about with words and ideas. 😀

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